U.S. Paedophile Doctor Disgraced & Sentenced To 235 Years Imprisonment (Photos)

U.S. Paedophile Doctor Disgraced & Sentenced To 235 Years Imprisonment (Photos)

More than 260 women and girls have come forward alleging that Nassar se’xually assaulted them while under his care.

*.He was sentenced last month to 175 years in prison after pleading guilty to se’xually abusing seven girls.

*.First he must serve 60 years in federal prison his child x-rated conviction.

Pedo doctor Larry Nassar is pictured shackled and shivering on snowy Michigan tarmac as he flies to hellhole prison to begin 235 year sentence for abusing gymnasts.

Disgraced ex-Team USA doctor Larry Nassar got a private jet from Michigan to Arizona where he will begin his federal prison stint.

The 54-year-old doctor was seen being transported without a jacket and shackled on the snowy tarmac at Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport on Friday, as he was transported to the US Penitentiary Tucson.

The flight lasted four hours and 36 minutes, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons would not comment on if it is typical for a high-profile prisoner to fly private citing ‘security reasons’ that they don’t comment on methods of transport.

By Saturday, Nassar was listed as an inmate at US Penitentiary Tucson.

A high-security facility that houses 1,387 inmates along with a 149-inmate minimum-security satellite camp in Pima County.

Photo Credit: DailyMail

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