STORY TIME : Your Choice (Episode 6)

STORY TIME : Your Choice (Episode 6)

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Episode 6

Benjamin woke up; for the first time in what seemed like forever he found himself smiling for no reason at all. Perhaps it was because his wife wasn’t around, she always made the atmosphere gloomy with her complaints. He jerked out of the bed as he glanced at the clock noting it was 8:30am; he had to resume work by 9am, and he would also have to beat the traffic.

He made his way to the bathroom, had his bath, wore his suit and dashed off to work. He knew he was going to be late, at least 20minutes late. He woke up late because he slept late the previous night. He was with his friend that Sunday night chatting and catching fun.

It had been long since they last met with one another because they were all busy with their work. Marriage, family, career and life ambition had separated them and their occasional contact was via phone calls and social media. Benjamin was the one that made sure they met that Sunday; he put a call across to every one of them; he was very excited; his wife was away, he felt like a bird freed from its nest.

He got to work a bit late, of course no one could query him for coming to work late, but he wasn’t comfortable, he had always admonish his juniors to be punctual, and when any of them came late he berate them. More so he wanted to be a role model.

Immediately work had ended, Benjamin headed resolutely to a restaurant to have fun. He ordered, took his seat at a strategic place so he could see what was happening since there was no one to keep him company. As he ate he was planning on his next step.

Everything was now going well with, his lines were fallen in pleasant places, and he had restored his business to its former glory thanks to chief for the financial assistance he rendered to him. He stopped to entertain thoughts and started to observe the restaurant, he became somber when he saw beautiful couples dining, laughing, smiling and chatting.

He wished he had a companion, someone he loves, someone compatible with him, not chidinma, he was so sorry for himself. He was now thinking, would he get struck in a marriage that brings nothing but gloom to him? Was this his destiny? Would he be able to have the joy of a marital home?

He could not change Chidinma that was certain, how was he going to change her when she isn’t willing to change. It was too late to backpedal, he was legally married to her and to make things worse she had conceive his baby. “What am I going to do now!” he muttered; Memory of the previous night popped up in his busy mind. He remembered clearly the words his friends had spoken .

He had updated them on what was going on in his life. They had mocked him a great deal, but he downplayed it, because he felt everything was alright. Now seeing this happy couples around him, made his predicament clear, he knew he wasn’t free at all. It was just the three month since his wife had left. “I have to do something promptly” he muttered under his breath.

The next day; Benjamin was still meditating on what to do, divorce wasn’t an option, he was so desperate, and he wanted a solution promptly. He later stopped worrying realizing that brooding over a problem would only complicate matters and not help it.

He was looking pale, perhaps he looked even older than his age and that was what he detested, he wasn’t sure about that but he was pretty sure he had lost weight, most of his clothes didn’t t fit anymore. “It’s high time I stooped brooding over my problems, and enjoy my life, after all the holy book admonishes us not to worry about anything” he said to himself.

A question immediately popped up from his mind “are you not going to work on your marriage?” “I would make sure I deal with it, and also enjoy my life, after all anything that would happen would surely happen, you can’t change destiny.” He countered. The day for the program was fast approaching and he was yet to secure a venue for the program at unilag.

He had been engrossed in his business and personal life. He felt it was high time he got a venue, subsequently he called Helen, and they concurred to meet on Friday so they could check for venue and secure one. On Friday Benjamin finally secured a venue thanks to Helen; she was instrumental in the process of securing the venue. He was elated; he really enjoyed Helen’s company.

“Thanks so much, I really appreciate your effort” Benjamin said offering her a smile. “You are very welcome” she said returning his smile. “I am famished, and am sure you too are, after all this stress, maybe we should go to a restaurant, it’s just about 20 minutes’ drive from here, I promise to bring you back to the hostel” he said with a pleading countenance.

She pondered his request for a moment and later obliged him. They both got to the restaurant; made their order. They got chatting. Benjamin was so happy; he couldn’t remember the last time he had a wonderful conversation. Later he took Helen to her hostel.

To be continued…

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Disclaimer: This is a work of friction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictions manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, actual events is purely coincidental.

By Tosin Oyetayo (

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