STORY TIME : Your Choice (Episode 1)

STORY TIME : Your Choice (Episode 1)

Episode 1

Afolabi was excited. “At last, I am a graduate “he screamed on top of his voice as he hugged his best friend James” Afolabi was a well built, intelligent and sanguine fellow-a final year electrical electronics student at Osun state university. He had just finished writing his final papers.

So he was very elated. He knelt down on his knees saying some prayer of thanksgiving. He had barely concluded his thanksgiving prayer when some of his hostel mates rushed into his room like a flood. “Afolabi, you must celebrate this one for us oh, congrats!” some of them said joyfully jumping on him.

After all the excitement and celebration had die down. He drifted off in thoughts, to about four years ago when he was admitted into the university. He had tried several schools for three years before he finally secured admission. It wasn’t an easy journey. The pressure from family and friends to secure admission was too much. When he finally did, the circumstance then wasn’t favorable.

His parent were facing financial crises. His mum was a trader- she sells clothing materials, and his dad was a trained security guard working for a security outfit; they sought help from family members all to no avail. Fortunately for him, he was a dedicated member at a church, so his pastor was able to assist him. As he kept reminiscing tears began to well up in his eyes before a Knock on his door jolted him out of his thoughts.

Afolabi arrived home. Now done with school; he was waiting to be posted for NYSC. It was a new environment, his family had just moved into a new accommodation. The environment was serene and very quiet unlike his former place which was livelier.

Trending music were usually played in the streets. He missed his friend David, if he was around they would have visited lively places together but sadly they were miles apart. He was in seclusion, home was so boring to him and the elliptic power supply made things even worse.

He was thinking of ways to make things more exciting for him, but then he suddenly remembered seeing a bustling restaurant around the streets. Afolabi decided to visit the restaurant and he loved it. Soon he frequents the restaurant so much that everyone who worked there knew him by name. He had also made many friends already. One of his friends, Michael had invited him to birthday party.

He was very excited, he wouldn’t miss it for the world. It has been while he attended a party, way back in his 200l days. So he was looking forward to attending it. Afolabi wore his clothes hurriedly, he noted the time, it was already past 7pm and the party was schedule for 6pm; apparently he was an hour late. He got to the party 7:45pm.he caught up with his friends and they started chatting.

The place was already buzzing; being that it was the party of a socialite daughter, there was too much to eat, the drink wouldn’t stop flowing, and the quality of the music played was great so much that you won’t know when you start shaking your body. As afolabi was looking around, his eyes met the eyes of a lady. ”wow! What a beauty” he muttered under his breath. He kept on stealing glances at her.

Helen a dark skin beautiful lady was an undergraduate at the University of Lagos studying biochemistry, she was in her third year already. She was very pretty and intelligent. When she noticed afolabi, her stomach clenched. Meanwhile afolabi has been seeking ways to engaged her in a conversation. “Guys excuse me for a moment” afolabi said nervously to his friends.

He approached Helen -with butterflies in his stomach and managed to say “hello”. To his surprise, he flowed with the Helen. They talked as though they had known each other for years. He collected her contact and they both went their separate ways. The next day he went to Michael’s house. “How far bro” he said excitedly to Michael; “I dey ooo, How the party na, I sure say you go don catch one fish” replied Michael “omo the party make sense oo, I manage catch one fish” afolabi answered with so much delight.

“I hope the girl sha make sense, shey she get barca and Chelsea” Michael said blinking his eyes. Afolabi laughed and replied “bro, those things does not really matter, the girl is pretty and intelligent that’s okay for me”. “Hmm, okay now, I go like meet am oo, lover boy”. Michael responded.

To be continued…

Next chapter: Love Ignited

Disclaimer: This is a work of friction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictions manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, actual events is purely coincidental.

By Tosin Oyetayo (

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