Shocker: See the Teenage Boy Who Had S*x With Underage Schoolgirls 'More Than 100 Times' (Photo)

Shocker: See the Teenage Boy Who Had S*x With Underage Schoolgirls 'More Than 100 Times' (Photo)

Tyler Deterville


Tyler Deterville, an English teenager who has s*x more than 100 times with two underage schoolgirls has walked free after prosecutors accepted his behaviour was not rape.


According to Metro UK, Tyler Deterville from Reedley, Lancashire, had s*x repeatedly with one of the girls during an 18 month romance starting when she was as young as 14.


The other girl was only 15 when she had s*x with Deterville at the home of one of her relatives.


Despite youngsters under 16 being unable to consent to s*x in the eyes of the law, prosecutors accepted the college student’s plea that the s*x was consensual.


At Preston Crown Court Deterville, 19, admitted four charges of sexual activity with a child and common assault after his not guilty plea to rape was accepted.


He was given eight months jail suspended for two years despite probation officers saying he had a ‘distorted and dangerous attitude towards women.’


The court heard that Deterville – who played as hooker for a local junior rugby team – had seduced the girls whilst under the influence of cannabis.


Prosecuting Miss Raquel Simpson, said the first victim was 14 or 15 when she first met Deterville then 17.


She said: ‘They started going out together and began a sexual relationship.


‘At 15 she told police the relationship lasted about 18 months and said that she had full sexual intercourse with the defendant on approximately 100 occasions.


‘The offending continued after the defendant’s 18 birthday.


‘The complainants mother gave a witness statement saying her daughter lived with her and initially things seemed to go well but deteriorated and the defendant was barred from the house.’


The girl was later placed in foster care and moved to supported accommodation for young people and the pair split up.


But in December 2016 Deterville turned up at the accommodation and and seen dragging the girl by the arm into her room in a row over a bank card.


The girl who cannot be named refused to report a physical injury and was said to be ‘reluctant witness’ in the case.


The second girl was 15-years-old when she met Deterville, who was then 18, through a relative.


Miss Simpson added: ‘She arranged to stay at a house when she knew the defendant was staying there and they started a relationship.

‘On December 10 last year, they had full sexual intercourse at the house. She was 15 and the defendant was 18.


‘She spoke to her sister on December 31 and as a result she contacted the grandmother who contacted the police.


‘The complainant was interviewed on January 1 and stated she had been raped on December 10.


‘The defendant was interviewed on January 2 and admitted they had sexual intercourse but stated she consented.


‘Police then contacted the first girl and she stated that she had been in a sexual relationship with the defendant since she was 15.


‘She added that there were two occasions after her 16th birthday when she said she didn’t consent to intercourse. But the defendant denied raping her.’


The court heard Deterville had been on remand in custody for six months following his arrest.


Lawyer Richard English, said: ‘The relationships were consensual ones. Mr Deterville was not a mature adult. He was not as mature as his years suggested.


‘Although the victims are described as being vulnerable the defendant was also vulnerable as he has had periods of homelessness.


‘He had a fractured relationship with his parents – he now has the benefit of two supportive parents, it seems whatever difficulties there may have been are more or less resolved.


‘The probation officer came to the conclusion when these offences were being committed, the defendant had a distorted and dangerous attitude towards women.


‘The defendant recognises a lot of his problems stem from an overuse of cannabis but he wants to “knock it on the head” in his own words.’


Deterville was ordered not to contact the girls for two years under the terms of a restraining order.


He was also ordered to sign the Sex Offender Register and abide by a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for 10 years.


The teenager will take part in a 30 day programme to address his attitude towards women.


Earlier this year, it emerged that the CICA had denied sexual compensation to victims as young as 12, even when their attackers had been jailed.


The government scheme is reviewing its guidelines following criticism from charities including Barnardo’s and Victim Support.


Also this year, one victim of the Rotherham grooming gang was denied a compensation payout because she was deemed to have ‘consented’ to s*x.

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