Police authorities in India have arrested 10 Nigerians for fake fund transfer case

Police authorities in India have arrested 10 Nigerians for fake fund transfer case

 Security operatives in India have apprehended 10 Nigerians from Delhi on charges of fake fund transfer. The men arrested for committing the crime ranges from the ages of  23-37, records have it that they cheated several persons in the past from different parts of the country.

The Police authorities have revealed that 26 handset, 8 laptops, 35 sim cards and 1 ipad were recovered from the suspect at the time of arrest.

The Police revealed that a victim of 36 years working as a nurse in a hospital located at Secunderabad, was sent a friend request on Facebook by one Agustin Williams who claims to be a pastor residng in Northern Ireland.

They chatted for 3 months before the accused made promises to send presents worth $50,000 along with I-phone, wrist watch and a gold set with pearls to the victim.

According to the information gather by the police from the victim, she was called on the 15th of March by a man that claims to be a custom officer at Delhi Airport.

After paying the sum of Rs 27,500 as registration fee by the victim following what the man claimed would be needed to collect the items, he persuaded her to pay a total sum of Rs 9,37,000, which got her suspicious and approached the Cyber Cell, which registered a complaint and began investigations.

The team of Police raided the house the accused uses for hide out and got the following suspect arrested:

A1. Willams S/o akpobaroeh, Age: 37 years, N/o Nigeria, delta state,

A2. Isic Prince S/o Okonedo, Age: 37 years N/o Nigeria, Edo state

A3. Chukwuma Christopher, Age: 33years, N/o Nigeria, Delta State.

A4. Eghosa Gobieit, Age: 36yrs,

A5. IjeomaOnyesom , Age: 23years N/o Nigeria, Delta State

A6. Emmanuel Okafor, Age: 25years, N/o Nigeria, Enugu State

A7. ChimaIweriebor, Age: 27 years, N/o Nigeria, Delta State

A8. Tochukwu S/o Onwubiko Christian, Age: 24 years, N/o Nigeria, Enugu State

A9. Chidi JohnsonAnaso Johnson, Age: 30yrs N/o Nigeria, Enugu State

A10. Paul IfechukwuIfanyiIfanyi, Age: 32yrs, N/o Nigeria, Anambra state.

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