MY DEEP SECRET – I M@sturbate With Some Guys Image But I Will Refuse Them In Real Life

MY DEEP SECRET – I M@sturbate With Some Guys Image But I Will Refuse Them In Real Life

Hi guys,

Today is another episode on LINK UP WITH DAN, here we have a beautiful lady that has the problem of masturbating just by looking at some guys picture but she refuses them in real life.



Dear Dan,

My true life Story; Please keep me anonymous, Thanks.

Masturbation they say is a normal, healthy part of human sexuality but mine is really getting out of hand. I started masturbating at age 17 and presently, I’m in my late 20’s but still cannot stop masturbating.

At first, I had no idea of a thing called “Masturbation”. At least not until my secondary school teacher told us about it in class then I took it upon myself to pratice and find out exactly what it feels like.

I made use of my fingers to derive self pleasures at first, it was an awesome feeling so I never wanted to stop.

Almost every women masturbate, and in masturbation one sometimes need the image of a particular guy to stimulate the sensation. Every guy’s sensation is different depending on how attracted you are to them, you tend to cum very quick if you masturbate with image of some guys.

I have masturbate with the image of most cute celebrities, home and abroad, and all the cutes guys I know of in my area, even some some guys that chase after me but i refuse all of them but that didn’t stop me from masturbating with their image.

Masturbating has really made me detest having a relationship or a real intercourse with men considering the fact that I could get the same pleasures I need by myself. Of course, thanks to technology and the current age we in, dillidos and viberators are doing a great job.

Please I need this up on your platform for possible solutions because I’m scared. The annoying thing about it all is that I can masturbate with any guy’s picture but still reject him in real life whenever he approaches me. I really don’t know if it’s my mind set or a medical issue.

Please help me.


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