Bishop Mike Okonkwo's daughter, Uche and her hubby, Katchie Asugha, celebrate first wedding anniversary with beautiful words

Bishop Mike Okonkwo's daughter, Uche and her hubby, Katchie Asugha, celebrate first wedding anniversary with beautiful words

 A few hours ago Katchie Asugha, the son in-law of Bishop Mike Okonkwo of TREM church, shared a beautiful message on his instagram page to celebrate his first year anniversary to his wife, Uche who is the only child of Bishop Okonkwo. He wrote thus:
In the words of the songwriter, “When I think of what You’ve done for me, mere words are not enough to express what I feel inside, oh Lord!” The video just tells a minute part of our story. Indeed, God has been faithful to us — He told us prior to getting married that He had given us a “perfected marriage”, and He has more than kept His word to us. I dare say that there are those who got married on the same day as we did, with probably “more love” than we had to give, but today, those homes are no more.

We stand today, in love and unity, not because we’re better than any of those ones, or we were better prepared than they were, but simply because of God’s grace and mercies towards us; His compassion towards us has not failed. Lord, we are grateful! 🙏🏽 The Bible doesn’t make any mistakes, God doesn’t make any mistakes and He certainly didn’t when He said that, “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing, and obtains the favour of the Lord”. This journey so far wouldn’t have been what it is but for the Virtuous Woman God has blessed me with. I truly am grateful for you Nkem, @firstladyuch; words would fail to truly tell of your love and support for this young man. I’ve told you this before, God would’ve done no better than to give you to me, because He gave me His best in you.
This journey of life would only be worthwhile with you by my side as my Tag team partner, my Consigliere, and my necessary help (Okwesili’m). I can look forward to a bright and colourful future with you by my side, and with God as our foundation.

On this day, I recommit myself to you my Angel and my Love. It’s a privilege to be your man, and I will forever love, cherish, adore, respect, honour, encourage, support, protect and provide for you, as long as God gives me life and strength. Our children will definitely learn and appreciate what love truly is, from the example that we set before them.

I love you so so so so so much Nkem!!! Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Babyyyy!!!
Bring on forever!!! 

While  Uche responded saying
Wow! It’s been a year since I gave my man of destiny some wine and took him to my dad for the blessing. Indeed God has been good to us. I’m blessed to be married to my best friend. We literally play like brother sister and love each other like only lovers can. Indeed I have a complete package in @katchieasugha … so glad it’s you and it will forever be you. Happy #Tradiversary to us. #BWAL2015 #marriage #love #myblessing

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